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The Warriors ...

The Warriors are four African spiritual entities that are established and delivered by the Babalawo for godson, who from that moment can be considered held its first initiation into the Yoruba religion.

GuerrerosIn Santeria is customary to deliver these four entities at the same time spiritual and collectively known as The warriors, in Nigeria and Eshu is delivered only as a person comes to know her more attention and delves into religion will deliver different Orishas . Either way is correct and is very respectable. The important thing is that people have this dedication and properly address their powers.

The Warriors are: Eshu (also known as Eleggua ò Elegbara) Oggún, Oshosi and Osun, these four entities are the defenders of the person receiving, but not only that but the owning implies a responsibility to care and feed them as new members family, requiring constant attention and regular.

The Warriors are delivered to newly start it for their protection and development, and also because any sacrifice or ritual work should be submitted at the foot of Eshu for their consent and good performance of the job offered. 

Eshu is the first Orisha to be served, likes the attention first, is a childish and yet the oldest of the Orishas, Eshu is responsible for maintaining the sacrifices Oloddumare and decide what if and what not does. We must always well attended to Eshu, who is also known as Eleggua or Elegba, is the only Orisha who does and is allowed to act both as good as in evil, we must have him on our side as our best ally.

It is said that Eshu has the ashe of the universe and is the guardian of the roads, who opens and closes the doors of all life. Oggún, god of war, metals, iron, ask this Orisha work, is the owner of the weapons and tools. The rescues us from the battles we have against people who wish us any harm or who are our enemies. Oshosi, the hunter, please protect us from being killed by our enemies, that we not fall into the hands of justice or of hospitals. In others we ask patience and sagacity. Osun, is a rooster who lives above a metal pedestal, has a secret cargo, representing the head and body of the initiate. OSUN Osun 
 santero is the alarm when it falls is a serious problem which could even bring death and in that case should go with the godfather Babalawo to consult with the person and make the corresponding ebbo. When you receive the consecration popularly known as Hand Orunmila, osun lives upstairs with Orunmila.

Osun is regarded in Nigeria as Orunmila stick when delivery is the size of the person, has a peak to be buried standing in the courtyard of the houses.

Eshu lives and he runs a humanoid figure cement Oggún within a three-legged cauldron Oshosi us also in this cauldron and is represented with a bow and arrow.

Sadly I was touched to see people were delivered "warriors " and gave them Oggún metal pot with its tools only and Oshosi the bow and arrow, the above is a huge mistake because that's just the tools Oggún and Oshosi but not the Orisha itself, which lives in Ashe spirituality and is based on the Otas living inside the cauldron.

The Warriors are placed at the entrance of the house, Eshu must always live on the floor and the Pot Oshosi Oggún and would live at his side along with Osun who will remain to one side, where this falls well protected and not be touched strangers .

The bow and arrow Oshosi must point out of the house towards the main entrance. The way to communicate with the Warriors is mainly through the Obbi (in the West is used to replace coconut Obbi Kola and is known as oracle Biago) whose spins and interpretation should be taught by the best man. 
 For proper communication with Warriors is essential to learn the moyuba (prayers and invocations in Yoruba) each receiving Warriors godson complete part of his godfather Babalawo should approach the same to learn their personal moyuba to learn posteriormte personal communication with his Warriors.

Obviously before acknowledging and addressing the Warriors, we welcome and care for Egguns (dead)

To Eshu, Oggún, Oshosi and Osun, they must feed blood at least twice a year, sacrifice and ceremony that should make the Godfather or Babalosha Babalawo or recognized.

Faced with the constant question I am asked that if a santero Warriors can deliver and no desire to enter into unnecessary controversies, I would comment that can deliver true Eleggua Santeria for spiritual fellowship based on a ota (stone), and used to much when is well established and grounded. But the authentic Eleggua, be born to life as Eshu in the Warriors should be set and delivered by a Babalawo.

The real Eshu (Eleggua) with humanoid figure whose birth lasts from 3 to 30 days as determined by Eshu, is delivered only by Babalawos. Eshu must be set in addition to many other things, with prayers, chants, invocations and ceremonies Babalawo only known through IFA.

This is the reason that only the priests of IFA (called Babalawos, which means father of secrets) must submit to Eshu, for only the Babalawos are allowed to work with IFA Odduns on the board and other secret rites for that is based and born to life a Eshu.



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